Licensed Cannabis/CBD Online Depot Best Direct To Consumer Marketplace Launched


WhereTheLoud has launched its Cannabis Marketplace where licensed cannabis distributors and other businesses selling Cannabis and or CBD-related products can sell their products direct to consumers.

WhereTheLoud has designed its online platform to serve as a one-stop shop for all products and equipment related to cannabis production or consumption, providing customers with an open and fair platform where they can browse, compare prices, compare products, and place orders from a wide range of vendors.

The growth of the cannabis industry has resulted in the development of an extensive ecosystem of products and equipment including lighting, timers, temperature gauges, AC units, ventilation systems, fans, condensers, fertilizer, water pumps, and more. Where The Loud has positioned their platform as a central hub for vendors of all products from seed to flower.

The cannabis and CBD-related products market features all major product categories and has vendor-friendly and customer-friendly features. Current categories include cannabis accessories, edibles, pre-rolls, derivatives, apparel, lighting equipment, and more.

WhereTheLoud have also designed promotional opportunities for vendors registered on their platform. Aside from the benefit of being included in WhereTheLoud’s promotional campaigns, vendors can also promote their brands on the WhereTheLoud homepage and get access to other promotional packages at little to no additional cost.

WhereTheLoud requires no sign-up fee for vendors to advertise and sell their products. Key vendor benefits include increased opportunities for sales, an expanded customer base, the opportunity to keep track of industry trends, and connections with other traders in the cannabis market.

A spokesperson said, “WhereTheLoud is dedicated to providing its customers with the biggest selection and the best prices for all their cannabis and CBD wants and needs. We take great pride in knowing our vendors are always competing to provide customers with the best products for the best possible prices. We take care of the superior shopping experience.”

WhereTheLoud is currently running a promotion, offering a zero percent commission rate for the first 100 vendors that sign up. Interested parties can learn about the promotion and the company by visiting their cannabis and CBD-related products website here: