Legal Cannabis/CBD Marketplace Managed Vendor Account eCommerce Service Expanded


Legal Cannabis Marketplace WhereTheLoud announced the launch of managed vendor account services for individuals and businesses on the site. The services are designed to help vendors gain maximum exposure for their brand and business through the marketplace.

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The expansion of WhereTheLoud’s services will provide benefits for vendors of cannabis-related products who are interested in maximizing profits and building brand visibility by selling through a recognized central marketplace.

Vendors on the WhereTheLoud platform can opt to manage their own accounts or delegate their administration to the WhereTheLoud team. This option is an opportunity for inexperienced vendors who are new to e-commerce and seasoned vendors looking to maximize service delivery on multiple product accounts.

The growing cannabis industry presents opportunities for market entry at various areas of the supply chain such as cannabis herbs, derivatives, merchandise, and several other products. These opportunities also elicit competition, with vendors requiring the cost-effective use of marketing, sales, and operational tools to obtain and grow their market share.

WhereTheLoud vendors benefit from managed accounts by being able to focus on their products while an independent team manages advertising and marketing.

WhereTheLoud is an e-commerce marketplace for cannabis-related products developed by dedicated e-commerce and cannabis product experts to serve as the largest platform for cannabis products globally. To achieve this, the WhereTheLoud team provides vendors with business support services that help them facilitate an optimized service delivery system to the benefit of their end customers.

The platform eliminates the need for standalone online stores for vendors and instead provides a community where different vendors can access a large pool of customers alongside their industry counterparts. Vendors also benefit from state-of-the-art sales fulfillment systems put in place on the platform, along with consistent promotional campaigns widely distributed by WhereTheLoud.

Individuals and businesses interested in participating in the WhereTheLoud marketplace can register as a vendor via,

A spokesperson said, “Niche marketplaces are the future of e-commerce. WhereTheLoud provides vendors with the power to be in control. Companies seem to work well when their products are properly managed. We provide all the tools necessary to operate your business and just simply pay you when your products sell. Our services are designed as a double edge sword – built for self success and helped success.”

Interested parties can find more information about WhereTheLoud and its marketplace managed account services here: