Legal Cannabis/CBD eCommerce Platform For Dispensaries/Distributors Launched


WhereTheLoud, an online resource for cannabis and CBD-related products, announced the launch of its new cannabis marketplace for licensed distributors and related businesses. The new platform aims to make the marketing and sale of cannabis and hemp products easier for wholesalers, retailers, and distributors.

The newly launched website seeks to offer the largest selection of cannabis products at competitive market-based prices, creating an ecosystem where buyers can interact with verified online and physical dispensaries.

With the U.S. easing restrictions to allow for recreational and medicinal cannabis use, the industry is projected to be valued at $100 billion by 2030. As cannabis users spend on average between $500 and $2,500 annually for products, creating an attractive, reliable sales outlet has become a worthwhile priority for business owners.

WhereTheLoud works to provide such a meeting ground, addressing buyer hesitancy regarding transactions and product quality through stringent vendor verifications for safety and legality.

The company’s new platform allows business sign-ups and promotion at no cost, instead, relying on a no-risk, commission-based model to build revenue via products sold through the website. Individual companies may negotiate these commissions privately upon signing up.

Platform tools are available for distributors to create custom business profiles, giving them the opportunity to craft product presentations inspired by tested marketing and sales strategies both from within the website’s ecosystem and the cannabis industry at large.

Customers can expect to find top deals from small CBD stores and large dispensaries, and compare products from multiple vendors before making a purchase decision.

As a directory, the sizable pool of small and large distributors offers a reliable view of pricing across the industry, making it a useful discovery engine and resource for comparing products and deals.

From medical products to cultivation supplies, the website supports payment processing, order tracking, and direct vendor communication, covering the complete retail experience for convenient use on both sides of the transaction.

With this launch, WhereTheLoud moves to position itself as a leader in the cannabis supply chain, promoting a healthy and responsible platform for all things cannabis.

A company spokesperson said: “Our cannabis market ecosystem is set to transform how people buy and sell CBD products. The cannabis industry is about offering a healthy lifestyle and WhereTheLoud is committed to providing the industry with a healthy, transparent, and legal cannabis marketplace.”