Grow Lights

WhereTheLoud brings you the most perfect opportunity to help your indoor plants grow properly and stay healthy. It is not practically possible to use regular LED lights as grow lights, even though they emit some amount of necessary wavelengths for plants. Regular LED lights could not emit enough light that plants actually require. Botanical experts on the basis of their experiments have proved that the growth of plants basically requires blue and red light, which the Best LED Grow Lights are specially designed to maximize. 

After extensive research, it has been clarified that standard LED lights that we usually use only provide brightness or illumination, while on the other hand, newly invented The Best Grow Lights for Indoor Plants have a wider spectrum of both red and blue light that accelerate vegetative growth and flowering, respectively. At this juncture, WhereTheLoud better understands the complications of weather, lack of space, and so on. Thus, we are introducing you to differently specialized The Best Grow Light for Seedlings as well as for growing/flowering plants.

Why Should You Prefer us for Grow Lights


WhereTheLoud is an online platform that helps you find the most required Best Grow Lights easily in your budget. We enroll various brands on our database with their best deals. Here at this point, you must know that – Violet-blue color in the 400 to 520-nanometer range improves the rate of chlorophyll absorption, photosynthesis, and plant growth. On the other side, the Red color in the 610 to 720 spectrum range brings more flowers and buds. 

Experts of the Best LED Grow Lights recommend that for effective results, grow lights really should be kept switched on for at least 7 to 10 hours a day. The lighting hours, depending on the conditions and the kind of plants can vary up to 16 hours. That’s why Best Grow Lights are becoming so popular day by day.

Here, at WhereTheLoud, you can easily find the most suitable Grow Lights specifically for your indoor plants. Moreover, you can look for the best deals as well from different brands on our online database.   

How to Opt for the Best Deal


WhereTheLoud is an online website that enrols different brands of good repute on its portal. It helps our customers bring out the best comparison and get the most required one easily for the most reasonable price. Our enrolled product brands bring a variety of The Best Grow Lights for Indoor Plants. Here are the major types of grow lights available on our website – 

  • RPink LED Lights
  • RRed LED Lights
  • RViolet LED Lights
  • RFull Spectrum Grow Lights
  • RHanging and Fixed Grow Lights
  • RWall-mounted Tube Lights

The power that these specialized LED bulbs consume and emit differs from one to another. So, at WheretheLoud you can find the entire range of flowering, growing, and the Best Grow Light for Seedlings and other indoor plantation purposes.